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Take Happiness By The Balls

I did it.  I made up my mind. I’ve decided to take happiness by the balls and start living the life I’ve been dreaming of.  I’ve always wanted to write a book. So I quit my job and Feb 5th is my last day. Funny thing is, no one was really surprised… perhaps I have been waiting my whole life for this moment. It just feels right.

I’ve always been fascinated by science, but behind every scientist is a creator. And I am ready to start creating my life instead of clocking in and out of this endless corporate nightmare. Let me step back a moment and explain how I came to this decision…

I recently finished my PhD and moved to Sacramento in June of 2015.  I came here for a boy, but when that didn’t pan out I rationalized my choice by settling for the fist job offer I got.  Mind you, this is a good job, but not the calling I long for. I work for a fine academic institution at the crossroads of business and medicine. The job actually seems a fairly good fit for me, which is difficult to find given my unique experience and education. Yes, still not completely satisfying for a free spirit like myself.

So, a few months into this low paying and slow moving job, I started contemplating buying a house and findings a husband. After all, isn’t that what adulting is all about? Yet, something inside me was holding back. Pushing me yet again to make a change.

While visiting my friends in Los Angeles last weekend, I realized how during my PhD program I had surrounded myself by a powerful creative force. I didn’t choose the company of academics, lawyers, doctors, or other scientists. No. I chose to surround myself with producer, actors, writers, comedians, and artists of all makes and models. I was feeding off of their creativity. I didn’t even realize how much I depended on their creative juice to propel me through six years of academic pursuits.

Back in Sacramento I was fed up with being asked to do menial work, administrative tasks, clerical duties, and down right secretarial actions. No offense to secretaries. But I didn’t go to school for 12 years to push papers, manage calendars, or adjust the fucking temperature in the room. Oh, did you want cream or sugar in your coffee?!?  No, I’m a fucking scientist, damn it.

This got me thinking… I am a scientist. But I’m also an artist. Everything I do is for the joy of creating. For the pursuit of a transcendental experience. That’s what art and science have in common. They both can bring profound growth and joy to the artist, allowing an individual to overcome their greatest tragedies in life while celebrating their biggest victories.

It’s a beautiful love story that I can’t wait to share with the world…



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