As a scientist and researcher, I want to offer you access the best quizzes & other self-assessment tools.XIMG_4285

I promise that the tools I share will only be high quality and extremely interesting (and of course quick to answer!). I will offer you valuable insights on those tools as you continue your life journey. Together, these resources and insights will form a Life Map Toolbox in which you can use in creating your unique Life Map.

Together, we will work together to see the hidden lessons and uncover secret buried treasure mindsets that will propel you to your most successful and fulfilling life ever!


Quiz/Tool Download Link Insights for Your Life Map by Dr. Molly

Life Satisfaction Quiz

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Source: Lindner P., Frykheden O., Forsström D., Andersson E., Ljótsson B., Hedman E., Andersson G., Carlbring P. 2016. The Brunnsviken Brief Quality of Life Scale (BBQ): Development and Psychometric Evaluation. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 6073:1–14. DOI: 10.1080/16506073.2016.1143526

Resiliency Quiz

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Source: Smith, Bruce W., Dalen, Jeanne, Wiggins, Kathryn, Tooley, Erin, Christopher, Paulette and Bernard, Jennifer(2008)’The Brief Resilience Scale: Assessing the Ability to Bounce Back’,International Journal of Behavioral Medicine,15:3,194 — 200. DOI: 10.1080/10705500802222972

Risk Aversion Quiz

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